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Bertoni Construction – Your Loft Conversion Specialists in London     

Create another living space in your loft unleashing our expertise in loft conversion designs. Keeping several decades of experience under our hood, Bertoni Construction adds value to your home’s underutilized space. From dull to fabulous, we make people say wow to your new living space created out of forgotten nook of your home – Loft! We cover almost all major areas of London to transform your loft into a dream space that your guests will love to talk about.

Why Should You Create That Extra Space in Your Loft?   

It’s time to consider loft extensions London if you are thinking of

  1. Building an Extra Bathroom In Your Home

2. Having an Extra Bedroom to Accommodate Your                  Guests/Family Members

3.Finding a Nook in Your Home from Where You     Could Run Your Home Office

4. Trying to Figure a Place in Your Dwelling Where Your  Children      Can Play With Toys

It’s not just about loft extensions. In fact, we put life in dull loft spaces to make that ignored space of your home look lively again with our creative loft conversion designs. You will love our creative work just like our past clients love us. We create eco-friendly loft conversions for your peace of mind.

Do you always feel like if you could have a little more space in your home? Well, you can always have, just trust us for loft extensions London. We unlock the space limits in your loft that you could have never thought of. We carefully put strategic plans into action to compliment your home with an extra space. Consider us your loft extension experts who are here to create a space for an extra bedroom or even more fabulous than that. From design to construction, we will be with you to create something meaningful that your family members will appreciate.

Let’s Convert Your Loft Into an Amazing Living Place! Call us at :07912865723!

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