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Bertoni Construction- Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Extension  

Want to make your bathroom more spacious? We, Bertoni Construction, could do impressive kitchen and bathroom extension on a reasonable budget. In fact, we handle all aspects of bathroom refurbishments. Be it replacing the old tiles with new ones with marvellous looks or changing the faulty plumbing fixtures with the working ones. While giving your bathroom a touch of royal class, we always ensure to stay within your budget. Our renovation specialists are certified and have a huge reputation among past clients for exceeding their expectations. Ask us for bathroom extensions as we can really make a difference.

How We Can Redefine The Shape of Your Bathroom And Kitchen  

We study what you need and then layout kitchen and bathroom extension plan to make them spacious,

improve their aesthetics as well as fix the issues that they might have. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Plumbing and Electrical Work Wherever Needed

2. Re-Installation of Tiles And Floor To Meet        New Design Theme

3. Replacing Your Old Kitchen And Bathroom        fixtures With Contemporary Ones

Contemporary Kitchen Extension Designs To Make It Stand Out

Bertoni Construction puts life in your old kitchen with new and exciting kitchen extension designs. Our skilled technicians put an end to your kitchen woes that keep bothering you all the times. No more clogged sinks, leaky pipes and electrical issues in the kitchen. We are here to revamp the whole kitchen look with contemporary ones and making every part of functional to ease your life in the kitchen. We have myriad colours and materials to choose in worktops to add colours to your cooking area to make it gorgeous.

Callus today at 02079657203 for a free quote.

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